Espeo Blockchain To Set Up Office In Dubai After San Francisco, Poznan, Helsinki

Espeo Software’s Espeo Blockchain To Set Up Office In Dubai

The consulting brand of Espeo Software, Espeo Blockchain is planning to set up its office in Dubai, taking inspiration from the city’s interest in blockchain technology and growth potential. Prior to Dubai, the company opened its hub in Helsinki, San Francisco, Poznan, and Zug. According to the company, Dubai is a leading city encouraging blockchain ventures and entrepreneurship.

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The city has a friendly attitude towards virtual currencies and its government seems interested in introducing new technologies to the citizens of the country. According to the company it wants to fill the vacuum of blockchain professionals in Dubai who can advise or develop blockchain solutions.

Espeo Blockchain to provide expertise in blockchain to Dubai citizens

Espeo Blockchain said that the government agencies and companies in Dubai currently have to seek the required talent elsewhere as there are very few local people who can provide services and solutions in the blockchain space. According to MENA regional director, Mickael Costache, “We’re planning to change that, giving the public access to not only blockchain developers, but advisors helping to make the right decisions for a particular use case.” Costache said that the company has a good name in the complex blockchain products market.

There are many governments that are still to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrency open-heartedly. However, the government of both Dubai and the UAE in general has been promoting the use of this technology in the country aggressively. Especially, this year, there have been some significant developments in Dubai related to blockchain technology.

Dubai pushing blockchain adoption in current systems

Dubai’s strategy also involves the launch of a virtual currency for citizens government departments. In October 2017, the government came out with its first proposal for emCash, the official digital currency for Dubai. As per the report, the officials want to use this cryptocurrency for nongovernmental and governmental services.

The government is planning to peg emCash to the UAE Dirham. It is quite possible that the Dubai government will allow the consumers to use this cryptocurrency in the coming few months after the government sets up a point of sale payment with a number of parties.

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