Salesforce.Com, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) Takes Measures Against Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Android Fragmentation-Related Issues

Salesforce.Com, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) has decided to take unorthodox measures so that it can go around the OS fragmentation problem faced by Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Android operating system.

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The fragmentation problem has been one of the pesky issues that Google has been facing with its OS versions. This is because some of the users on the Android OS choose not to upgrade their handsets to the latest version. Another problem is that there are very many handset manufacturing firms whose handsets use the Android OS. A lot of money, therefore, has to be spent to offer support and tests to the different handsets. Salesforce is aware of these problems and has decided to overcome them once and for all by limiting the number of devices supported.

Salesforce announced on its official support page that it will only support Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy devices. The firm released a statement saying that the decision to support a limited number of devices regardless of the many Android devices on the market was so that it can improve its services on the devices supported. This will allow Android users on supported devices to have a better user experience.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has managed to cut down on fragmentation thanks to the fact that it manufactures its own devices and there is uniformity in its operating system. This is because it does not have to spend a lot on testing since it has a limited number of devices. That being said there is still some degree of fragmentation because it has different iPhone models on the market.

The limited support that Salesforce has is raising a lot of questions as to the company’s plans. However, the report did not go into details to explain why it decided to cut down on supported devices. If the company decides to follow through with the claim, it will give Samsung a more solid foothold in the handset market where the handset manufacturer has already been exercising dominance.

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