Tongue Operated Hands Free Solution for GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) Cameras, Anti-Shoes And Glass Plates

Tongue Operated Hands Free Solution for GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) Cameras, Anti-Shoes And Glass Plates

GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) cameras have proven to be popular among action video enthusiasts, but the limit users face with GoPro cameras is how to keep the camera rolling when your hands are occupied. A startup called POA Labs has come up with an interesting solution in the form of GoHawk remote for operating GoPro cameras.

With GoHawk, users can operate a GoPro action camera with the mouth oddly enough, thus allowing hands free use. GoHawk shutter release can be operated by tongue or by biting the mouthpiece of the remote. POA Labs’ GoHawk works with nearly any third-party remote shutter.

But GoHawk is still a gadget in the works as it is yet to hit the shelves, and faces an uncertain market.

Besides GoHawk, a look at projects seeking crowd funding also reveals other interesting tech projects in the works. A company called Galaxy Photography is working to bring back glass-plate negatives but in a modern fashion. The arrival of film accelerated the death of dry glass plates, but galaxy believes that there was nothing particularly wrong with the dry glass plate and it hopes to resurrect the technology.

With revamped dry glass plates, Galaxy is looking at improving the quality of large-format photographs. Because the plates are designed not to be sensitive to red light, they are ideal when it comes to bypassing redness and acne in shooting portrait images.

The anti-shoe movement

Another intriguing project in the works and seeking crowdfunding support is Skinners. A company by the same name is continuing the anti-shoe movement by creating footwear that is designed like socks, but features tough soles to protect the feet.

But even the toughened soles aren’t rigid, which mean you can easily roll up the shoes and put them in your pocket or backpack.