Remixpoint to Facilitate Cryptocurrency Payment Service For Limousine Rides in Tokyo

Remixpoint to Facilitate a Cryptocurrency Payment Service For Limousine Rides in Tokyo

An anonymous source has revealed that Remixpoint is staging a cryptocurrency payment service for Hinomaru’s Limousines for rides between Tokyo and either Haneda or Narita Airports.

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According to the source the two partners plan to make the official announcement on Tuesday with the proof-of-concept program scheduled to be unveiled within the month. The service is expected to accept payments in Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

About the participants

Hinomaru Limousines Inc. has 362 limos and over 160 taxis in its wing according to information on the private company’s website. On the other hand Remixpoint owns BITPoint, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange platform regulated by Japan’s financial watchdog.

It is reported that if and when the trial is successful, the program will be extended to the company’s taxi services.

Similar dealings

There has been a global campaign by stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space to push for cryptos; mass adoption and the new covenant between the Tokyo-based entities is in line with this goal.

The leading crypto exchange in the US, Coinbase, through its partnership with the UK’s WeGift has made it possible for its users in the EU and Australia to spend their cryptos in top companies like Nike and Uber among others. “By partnering with WeGift, our customers can now spend their crypto with all their favorite retailers, like Nike, Tesco, Uber, Google Play, Ticketmaster, Zalando, and many more,” a Coinbase statement read.

In June Al Mahra Resort in the United Arab Emirates accepted payment in Bitcoins for its newly developed luxury hotel units. Another typical case is that of Schmidt Naturals, a subsidiary of Unilever dealing in personal care products which announced that it was accepting payment in Bitcoins for its skin care offerings.

These are just but a few examples of businesses that have embraced cryptocurrency not to mention government agencies and several other multinational corporations. Payments in cryptos have become largely attractive because they are secure, fast and transparent.

The blockchain technology powering cyptos has also become a center of interest in different sectors because of its multiple applications. It has largely been adopted in the traditional banking sector to facilitate fast and secure cross-border payments.

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