Andreas Antonopoulos Asks Bitly To Explain Reason For Blacklisting His Crypto-Related Links

Bitly Blacklists Crypto-Related Links Of Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos, the bestselling author and Bitcoin advocate, recently asked the web-link shortening service Bitly to explain the reason for blacklisting his crypto-related links. A dedicated Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast and also a self-proclaimed computer geek, Antonopoulos has also authored “Mastering Bitcoin.”

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Antonopoulos’ latest books comprise of hundreds of crypto-related links

It seems that Bitly stopped including cryptocurrency sites in its services list giving readers a warning before redirecting them to the original website. The crypto-related links serve as a Twitter thread between the readers and the Bitcoin expert. Currently, Antonopoulos is at the brink of finishing his fourth book.

A reader noticed the compromised links and brought the matter to the notice of the author questioning why the web-link shortening service issuing such warnings when those sites are not at all pointing to any location. Apart from asking for an explanation, Antonopoulos also threatened Bitly that he will remove and replace all the links with a competitor.

Antonopoulos’ fourth book titled “Mastering Ethereum” will come out in around four weeks. After this incidence, the author even asked the crypto community on social media for another option to Bitly’s link-shortening service that does not block or blacklists links. He further added that he is planning to replace all Bitly links in his book very soon.

To his query, one of the followers suggested that Antonopoulos should avoid shortening links in “Mastering Ethereum” because readers do not like to click on a link surrounded with mystery. Other readers suggested that Antonopoulos should take a decentralized approach and use an archive system at the end of the chapter or page to avoid relying on third-party services.

Bitly may not want to alienate Antonopoulos

The author of three books is a big influencer in the cryptocurrency community which is why Bitly may not want to alienate him or block his crypto-related links as it can trigger off negative effect among the publishers of blockchain content. Incidentally, Antonopoulos is one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin who paid his rent by selling his holidays. He received huge donations from the crypto supporters which made him a millionaire.

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