QuarkChain, Oath, Ink Blockchain Partnership Deal

As the use of blockchain technology becomes prevalent, it is becoming important for measures of dispute resolution and governance to be dynamic. The security of transactions over the blockchain platform has also become a critical issue that needs to be constantly monitored and addressed.

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QuarkChain and Oath Protocol Partnership

In light of this, QuarkChain and Oath Protocol have decided to bring their capital and manpower together in a joint venture that will see a tectonic shift in the manner in which the scalability and security in the blockchain industry will be dealt with. QuarkChain is an innovative public blockchain platform that provides a blockchain architecture that requires absolutely no permissions, aimed at achieving commercial standards on a global level. At the core it seeks to provide blockchain solutions that meet the present security needs of the market and that are appropriately decentralized.

On the other hand, Oath provides a system of dispute resolution and governance that seeks to protect the rights and assets of users of digital ledger technology. The partnership between these two firms is an important step towards secure decentralization of blockchain technology. While QuarkChain and other players have been keen on channeling their resources towards the technical aspect of blockchain security, OATH has been concerned with the resolution of disputes by employing a kind of jury system that is not prone to central control.

What the Partnership Means For the Future     

Blockchain is as much the technology of the future as it is the technology of today. The decentralized nature of its operation is its most important selling point. However, the two companies acknowledge the fact that security and scalability are going to be important due to increased usage and prevalence. The collaboration is a great display of proactive measures that players in the industry are taking in order for them to be ahead of the curve. The overall benefits of this partnership will develop an conducive environment that will help enable a faster decision making process for users and a system that runs with a high level of efficiency.

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