Noah Wallet Launched To The Public By The Noah Project

Cryptocurrencies as well as, the blockchain technology hold a great potential in scaling up the entire global economy. Nevertheless, it also holds the risk of leading to an even bigger wealth gap globally.

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It is such risk that drove developers to create the Noah Project two years ago. It aims to create better economic growth opportunities for more people by offering its customers blockchain-based solutions. It has focused on bridging the gap Japanese and Filipino citizens living overseas with their countries.


Noah Project recently joined hands with PayRemit, which is among the largest payment platform based in the Philippines. the team did not stop there, it has been working on another project, and is now ready to launch its long-awaited Noah Wallet.

The Noah Wallet is already available on Android for download. The team is said to be working hard to add an application for iOS clients also. The crypto community will be happy to learn that the Wallet is absolutely free for users.


Noah Wallet is a secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency that makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone willing to manage their Noah Coins on devices such as mobile and tablets. The Wallet has an easy to use design, even for the not so tech-savvy users. Its security feature ensures that someone’s crypto assets are stored and traded safely.

Users can also create a new wallet promptly in the Wallet’s system. It will take a very short time to create a new wallet since the procedure is consistent and easy to follow. One is not even required to provide personal details.

The Wallet which allows users to store, send or even receive Noah Coins also allows for a backup function that enables the wallet to be restored in case of emergencies. Use of QR codes simplifies the process of sending and receiving of NOAH. This has done away with the need to copy and paste of the Wallet’s address when trading. The Wallet also records and stores a user’s transactions data.

The recent partnership with PayRemit opens up an opportunity for users to access a wide variety of online stores for different goods and services. With Noah Coins and Noah Wallet, one is even able to get air tickets of Philippines’ leading airline.

The launch of Noah Wallet has so far received strong and positive responses from the crypto community and more so, from the Noah users.

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