New Keyport Platform Allows Encrypted Messaging Via Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Network

Created by Atlantislabs, the newly developed application Keyport allows messaging in an encrypted manner for carrying out communications using the OP_Codes of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH-USD) network. Through this beta platform, users can send and accept encrypted messages that are a part of the BCH chain and the Toku protocol. The communications are simultaneously saved in an OP_Return transaction of the BCH chain.

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Keyport Built Over Decentralized Blockchain            

This transaction is touted to guarantee maximum security as the saved messages can be decrypted only by the recipient. Users can download Keyport from the Google Play store and a video demo is also available online for users who want to understand how the application works. According to Shravan Shandilya, co-founder of Atlantislabs, “Keyport is a peer to peer messaging app that is built over the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Messages are encrypted and embedded in the OP_Return of a transaction — Only the intended recipient can decrypt your chats. For each message, you will need to transfer dust and small miner fees.”

Shandilya stated that since Keyport’s functionality is based on the decentralized blockchain-based technology, it is impossible for third parties to decrypt/intercept the message or even block the chats which are a common problem on messaging apps like Telegram. The co-founder said that this protocol can be extended further to ensure better privacy by generating one-way ephemeral secrets.

Bitcoin Cash Leads The Pack Of Cryptocurrencies

The virtual currency market has been recovering the last few days with the total capitalization moving back above $350 billion. Although Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD) have made good gains, BCH has gained the most since the crypto market turned back up last week.

The gains of BCH seems to be much better than those of BTC which has shown only a spike of 4% over the same period of seven days against 20% gains of BCH. Trade analysts believe that a new version of HandCash called Bitcoin Cash wallet app and Keyport has contributed to the lift in the value of Bitcoin Cash.

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