New Structure Monitoring Solution helps AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) Expand Smart Cities Offerings

New Structure Monitoring Solution helps AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) Expand Smart Cities Offerings

New Year’s is the time for resolutions, and that goes for AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) as well. AT&T has expressed its determination to move ahead with the development and delivery of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The goal will be to make the cities and the communities smarter, safer and above all more efficient. And Safety of railways and roadways is a matter that needs to be given priority.

An official working with the company opined,” Organizations normally rely on visual inspections to assess the state of our roadways and railways. Since many are in remote locations, it is difficult to regularly assess. And many of the remote monitoring alternatives use older technology solutions that are bulky and not suited for the long-term.”

The company is determined to deliver a working solution and in its latest statement it outlined that it had teams in place to assist with the monitoring of both environmental and structural factors remotely in near real time.

The general manager of AT&T Smart Cities, Mike Zeto, has moved ahead to outline that safety is at the moment a topmost concern both the cities and citizens as well. According to him, their concern extended beyond the realm of natural disasters and crime. It also covered the safety of the company’s infrastructure and Zeto asserts that as a company they were delighted about the fact that they had come to a point of putting into test a solution that would pave way for smart infrastructure analysis and monitoring.

It was back in 2015 that the Smart Cities organization was unveiled and it was from that point that the company started paying more focus on working pretty close with cities and citizens. It wanted to help them better understand the major challenges that came into play with the passage of time as well as assisting them come up with more impactful solutions.