Meritor (NYSE:MTOR) Unveils New Brake Shoe Protection, Better Clutches

In a move that aims to expand its product options, Meritor Inc (NYSE:MTOR) has introduced an advanced brake shoe protection and high-performance clutches. PlatinumShield III, the latest addition to Meritor’s line of brake shoe coating, can be used on new and refurbished Meritor brake shoes. The company has also expanded its line of clutch offerings with AllFit clutches, which cover a wide range of heavy duty applications.

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PlatinumShield III coating

Meritor’s PlatinumShield III is designed for aftermarket customers and it is billed as a game-changer when it comes to protecting brake shoes. The enhancement made in PlatinumShield III ensures that it increases brake shore durability and also enables users to lower brake maintenance costs.

Meritor launched the PlatinumShield line of brake shoe coating in 2009 and the product has seen widespread adoption since that time. According to Meritor, PlatinumShield technology has been used to protect over 25 million brake shoes, both refurbished and new.

Meritor has been looking for a way to improve the performance of PlatinumShield coating. With PlatinumShield III, Meritor says that drivers can expect longer vehicle uptime and fleet operators can be more profitable, primarily because of savings due to lower maintenance expenses associated with PlatinumShield III.

AllFit clutches

As part of the expansion of its aftermarket offerings, Meritor has also launched what it calls Meritor AllFit clutches, which are available in both manual and automatic models. The company says its primary target with the AllFit clutches are warehouse distributors and original equipment customers.

According to Meritor’s Jason Kraus, senior manager in the aftermarket segment, customers have been asking for high-quality, all-makes clutches that they can buy at competitive prices, and Krause sees AllFit as fitting the bill.

The new clutches come with a full-year warranty and labor rebate of up to $800.

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