Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE:MMC) Launches Mercer Digital


Mercer, a Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE:MMC) affiliate, recently launched Mercer Digital which is an initiative aimed at helping organizations make the transition to a future which is digital. Despite the fact that organizations are investing in ensuring a working environment that is completely digitized, a study revealed that just 7% of executives around the world think their organization is digital.

A survey conducted by Mercer also revealed that technological disruption is expected by executives to have a significant impact on organizations in the next two years. Despite this the executives say there is a lack of urgency with regards to preparing the infrastructure necessary for enabling the technological shift.

Acquisitions and partnerships

Mercer Digital has been launched by Marsh & McLennan after significant developments including the purchase of CPSG Partners. This is expected to assist Mercer to transform its finance and human resource businesses. Another business that Mercer has acquired is Thomsons Online Benefits. This is expected to allow multinational employers to have an employee benefits platform that is locally tailored and yet common while delivering the latest in support, administrative efficiency, analytics, design and engagement.

Mercer also acquired Sirota Consulting with a view to strengthening its consulting capabilities and power with regards to talent management. Talent Tech Labs also received an investment from Mercer at just about the same time Mercer forged a strategic alliance with Career Arc.

Seven decades

In launching Mercer Digital, Mercer is counting on over 70 years of experience during which it has provided sound counsel and advice to organizations concerning future trends, changing benefits, external labor market and the workforce.

“With Mercer Digital, we’re taking that relationship to the next level by helping clients transition to a technologically-driven environment to streamline work processes and make data analytics, AI, and advanced technologies part of the business,” Mercer’s president of Health & Wealth businesses and senior partner, Jacques Goulet, said.

Currently the Marsh & McLennan Companies affiliate has a workforce whose headcount is over 20,000 based in 43 nations around the world.

On Tuesday shares of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. fell by 0.88% to close the day at $77.41.

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