Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN) Achieves 19-Terabit Capacity On Trans-Atlantic Route

Infinera Corp. (NASDAQ:INFN) has announced that it managed to achieve speeds of 19 terabits per second in the recently concluded subsea trials using its XTS-3300 meshponder.

The company announced that it had successfully completed the undersea tests which were carried out on the Trans-Atlantic route. Infinera revealed that its XTS-3300 meshponder was able to deliver speeds as high as 19 terabits per second, thus delivering the highest spectral efficiency that has been recorded in a major Trans-Atlantic route. The speeds will allow the company to deliver a commercial-ready and stable performance margin.

Subsea operators are opting for high-performance equipment

The undersea optical networks are a vital part of the global communications infrastructure because they provide internet services to users all over the world. Subsea operators are shifting their preferences towards transmission equipment that offers high capacity, ease of use, and high performance. This is because such equipment places them at a better position to maximize their return on investment, considering the expensive nature and complexity involved in the deployment of submarine optical systems.

“While optical vendors have demonstrated experimental approaches to boost subsea fiber capacity, the Infinera XTS-3300 is the first commercial platform that can deliver over 19T of capacity on a trans-Atlantic route,” stated Cignal AI lead scientist Andrew Schmitt.

The XTS-3300 meshponder leverages the new Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine 4 (ICE4). It also happens to be part of the company’s Intelligent Transport Network portfolio which is enhanced for long-haul undersea use. The recent subsea tests demonstrated the groundbreaking performance of the ICE4 technology. The tests also validated ICE4’s capacity to deliver the 8QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) 600 gigabits per second. It delivered the highest spectral efficiency ever achieved at 4.3 bits per second per hertz.

Scott Jackson, the VP of the subsea business group at Infinera pointed out that the company is constantly boosting its solutions so as to offer the optimum performance for the undersea cable systems. Jackson also added that his company’s instant bandwidth technology and Advanced Coherent Toolkit have helped to lower the commercial risks for service providers and allowed fast capacity upgrades.

Infinera stock closed the latest trading session on Tuesday at $10.89.

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