Logitech International SA (USA)(NASDAQ:LOGI) Launches Revised Gaming Keyboard

Logitech International SA (USA)(NASDAQ:LOGI) Launches Revised Gaming Keyboard

In the new wake of technology Logitech International SA (USA)(NASDAQ:LOGI) has brought on board two new G Orion gaming keyboards which will make use of LED backlighting and a selection of mechanical switches.

G610 Orion Brown and the G610 Orion Red which bear a 50 million keystroke rating are a revision to the G810 Orion Spectrum which uses Brown and Red Cherry MX mechanical switches. Well, the keypress actuation is what dictates the difference between the MX Brown version and the Cherry MX Red edition.

The 50 million keystroke rating according to Logitech’s Chris Pate, the senior product manager, is a guarantee to the company that the switches will provide a reliable experience.

So what features do these switches exhibit? G610 Orion Brown has a tactile bump that provides a tangible feedback when typing. However, G610 Orion Red does not have this reaction and instead adopts the key press linearity which results to a “rapid-fire” actuation and which is more preference for gaming. Nonetheless, both switches are of low noise.

Ujesh Desai, Logitech’s GM of gaming and vice president explains that there a very strong demand and desire for a variety of keyboards by Keyboard fanatics. As such he is certain that the new G610 Orion keyboards which are clean and with a sophisticated design will be on point to deliver the desires.

Additionally, the G610 models have a Logitech Gaming Software, which allows customization of keys, color patterns and effects to fit the user’s needs. The white LED key backlighting supports fancy set ups of keys and one can be able to highlight specific commands or spells.  The switches are beautifully designed and boost high quality the likes of a fingerprint-resistant matt finish besides the durable braided cable.

The control of video and music playback between gaming sessions is achieved through the keyboard pairing which has a row of media controls while the built-in roller is in charge of controlling the audio volume.

The two are expected to hit the United States and European markets later in the month at a cost of $119 and €139 for Logitech G610 Orion Brown and Orion Red respectively. respectively.