Ledger Projects And Bitfury Group Sign Collaboration Agreement

Ledger Projects and Bitfury Group have signed a collaboration agreement that will see the two companies jointly build innovative blockchain solutions in Malta.

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Merging blockchain infrastructure

Bitfury, which delivers its software and hardware solutions to governments and the private sector, intends to work with Projects in Malta so as to merge the two companies’ blockchain infrastructures. Additionally, Bitfury will get a wide range of applications from Ledger Projects.

In a statement, David Schranz, the CEO of Ledger Projects said they have received positive response in Malta and around the world since the company was launched in September last year. He noted that the company’s platform has evolved and grown from a simple DLT application to a complex and well-developed ecosystem, equipped with a robust use case for full-scale projects and services. Additionally, as part of the partnership, Ledger Projects will be selling Bitfury’s applications in the Maltese market.

Unveiling Bitfury’s blockchain expertise in Malta

As part of their partnership, the two companies have announced that they will be developing a program that seeks to enable Maltese education groups including those at University of Malta to easily access Bitfury’s blockchain expertise.

Ledger Projects has said that it will be approaching the university for purposes of gauging its interest in receiving a manual for crypto mining and use of the software as well as organizing technical Q&A sessions on campus with members of Bitfury’s development team.

On his side, Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury said that Malta has continually encouraged innovation and has always welcomed new technologies. He added that the two companies will be working on a range of solutions that seek to improve the systems as well as services that people use on day-to-day basis.

Anthony Mamo, a director at Ledger hailed the partnership and termed it a big win for the country and a significant step forward as it works to strengthen its position as a blockchain island. He added that the move is a strong vote of confidence in the country and a proof of the government’s commitment to lead the world in setting in place regulations to boost the growth of blockchain businesses.

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