Khiron Creates ‘Sophisticated’ Medical Cannabis Facility in Latin America

Khiron Life Sciences
Courtesy of Khiron Life Sciences

Khiron Life Sciences (OTCQB:KHRNF) has issued an update on its cultivation and production operations in Colombia.

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The company said that it has achieved significantly expanded analysis, extraction and purification capabilities across its cultivation facility near Ibague.

Khiron claims that it owns and operates one of the “most sophisticated” medical cannabis cultivation and processing facilities in Latin America.

The company’s 14,000 square foot GMP and ISO 17025 compliant lab now includes full capabilities. It has ultra-high and high-performance liquid chromatography technology, gas chromatography technology, microbiology testing, and heavy metals for testing flower and extract samples.

Using these in-house techniques, Khiron can quickly and accurately analyze samples, identify active cannabis components, and ensure that products are extracted and purified to meet local regulations on THC and CBD concentrations.

Further, the facility offers stability testing to provide evidence on how cannabis products vary over a given time period and under the influence of environmental factors. The company currently has robust stability testing capacities in place, with studies designed to evaluate and ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of its products, across various stages of extraction, as well as a final product.

In Colombia, stability data is needed to receive quotas for the production and domestic commercialization of THC extracts.

In addition, Khiron’s facility is capable of managing all stages of cannabis production, from soil to flower to extract, entirely within its own facility. Its vertically integrated capabilities serve to maximize efficiency and reliability across the cannabis supply chain, allowing the company to streamline operations as it moves towards the sale and distribution of its products.

“With advanced analysis, extraction and purification capabilities in place, the company has performed the analytical and stability tests required by the authorities to launch medical products and we remain on track for full commercialization of the grow site, anticipated in Q3 2019. Our significant investment in the Company’s Ibague facility, primarily to target a market of 6 million patients in Colombia, ensures Khiron remains focused on its core strategy to serve the domestic market in Latin America,” Khiron CEO Alvaro Torres stated.

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