Kambio Ventures Partners With Jibrel Network To Create Blockchain Platform

Kambio Ventures To Create A Blockchain Driven Capital Markets Platform

Kambio Ventures is looking forward to creating a regulated capital markets solution. To that end, it has partnered with Jibrel Network to make use of the latter’s blockchain system. The former will also benefit from the partnership through the creation of its own token.

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Kambio Ventures to build a futuristic system

Kambio Ventures is set to develop a capital markets system that will be driven by blockchain technology. The system will enable the trading of asset-backed security tokens. It will focus on small and medium businesses as well as startups. This platform which will be private will enable firms to tokenize their businesses. Additionally, it will provide shareholder management services and help firms to raise additional capital. The system will also allow investors and corporates globally to exchange liquidity.

Kambio believes that many small businesses are often shunned by conventional financial services, leaving them isolated. Kambio’s solution is to change primary issuance and trading methods in secondary markets. It aims at remodeling the incoherence between private firms and the capital markets sector.

Kambio’s co-founder, Samih Toukan stated: “The current venture capital operating model is complicated and appears outdated – arguably underwhelming both entrepreneurs and investors alike.”

This move follows an announcement by Jabbar in July that it was unveiling a Fintech company, Kambio Ventures. It reported then that the new company would develop a blockchain platform that would simplify a startup’s investment process.


Kambio has its own security tokens called security asset-back receipts (SABRs). These SABRs will be integrated into each of the listed companies’ primary equity. Kambio’s tokens will be issued, listed as well as transacted on a private marketplace. Although similar to public securities, these will be cheaper and faster.

Kambio will benefit from Jibrel’s authorized stable coin, Jcash. It consists of a collection of coins that are pegged to fiat currencies. The stable coin will be instrumental in adopting financial transactions that are blockchain based as well as international payments.

Kambio plans to develop its own payment coin with the help of Jibrel. The coin which will be pegged on ERC-20 will be utilized in smart transactions for the former’s capital markets services.

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