InvenSense Inc (NYSE:INVN) Betting Big On IoT, Wearables

InvenSense Inc

InvenSense Inc (NYSE:INVN) has unveiled the world’s first 74db signal to noise microphone that it says has the potential to revolutionize how audio applications used in teleconference systems and IoT devices work. With the new MEMS microphone, the tech firm says it will be able to develop systems that can provide very low noise capture for audio processing algorithms. This should go a long way in improving the performance of the overall system.

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InvenSense Low Noise Microphone

The unveiling of the 74db signal to noise microphone comes at a time of increased investment in new areas of growth for the company. The Chipmaker is aggressively investing in drones and wearable technology as it continues to look for new growth opportunities away from its core smartphone business. The new microphone will now expand the company’s footprint into the fast-growing Internet of Things spectacle.

InvenSense expects its new microphone to meet growing demand from applications that require far-field voice capture capabilities.

“The ICS-40730 is the highest [signal-to-noise] MEMS microphone in the industry and has been developed to meet the growing demands of high-performance audio in markets such as home automation and the Internet of Things, “said Eitan Medina the company’s vice president of marketing and product management.

Betting Big On Wearables

Meanwhile, InvenSense has also unveiled a 6 Axis inertial measurement unit for wrist-worn wearables, which it says will deliver a good number of features required in smart wrist-worn wearable devices. Wrist worn wearables in use require OEMs to deliver wellness and fitness related services. The new InvenSense wearable software stack will deliver step count and activity classification for enhanced wrist performance.

InvenSense says the new software will allow OEM to focus more on its own unique differentiating features in addition to other standard features.

Betting big on emerging technological spectacles could go a long way in bolstering InvenSense sentiments on the Street. Last year, the stock surged by more than 77%. While the rally was mostly fueled by talk that it was destined to be acquired by TDK for $1.3 billion, betting big on emerging markets such as wearable smart homes and drones should continue to affirm its prospects.

InvenSense stock was unchanged in Wednesday trading session having gone down by $0.02 to close the day at $12.77 a share.

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