InterXion Holding NV (NYSE:INXN) Advertises Private Offer For Secured Notes Worth EUR150 Million At 6%

InterXion Holding NV (NYSE:INXN) Advertises Private Offer For Secured Notes Worth EUR150 Million At 6%

InterXion Holding NV (NYSE:INXN) has announced plans to offer 6% senior secured notes whose principal amount is EUR150 million and they will be due in 2020.

The company has revealed that the notes will also be secured by some of its subsidiaries, and they will be issued under the July 3, 2013, indenture. InterXion plans to use the proceeds from the offering to cover the capital expenditures that were incurred through the expansion of its existing data centers as well as the creation of the new ones. The proceeds will also be used to pay for the expenses and the fees tied to the offering as well as the general corporate commitments.

Both the notes and the guarantees are not registered under the Securities Act of 1933 through the Securities Act amendment. They also can’t be applied to the state securities law. The notes will therefore only be given to institutional buyers that are qualified and to investors outside the state as stipulated by the Rule 144A and Regulation S under the Securities Act.

Those wishing to purchase the notes have been notified that the seller will most likely rely on the Act provisions. The company has also issued a warning that it will not offer the securities in states where the sale would be considered against the law. The same applies to the states where there has been no registration or qualification under the security laws of an individual state. Those who fail to follow up with the regulations will be violating the security laws of specific or individual regions or states.

The company’s release also revealed that the announcement of the sale would also be restricted in some jurisdictions according to law. Those who come across the announcement have been urged to identify themselves with the restrictions. The press statement did not reveal the jurisdictions where such restrictions will exist apart from the US. InterXion also stated that its website and hyperlinks leading to the website were not part of the securities announcement.