International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Quantum Computing Now Available Through the Cloud

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Quantum Computing Now Available Through the Cloud

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) set out to create quantum computers, and the firm is now sharing its success in the project with the rest of the world.

IBM made the program available on the cloud through a cloud service where anyone can test out the 5-bit quantum computer that the company made. The service allows anyone to use the quantum computer through software provided via a website. The research was carried out in Yorktown Heights, New York and has been registering results.

Quantum processors more powerful than any supercomputer

IBM’s objective for the project was to create more powerful computers. The technology is groundbreaking and will most likely be used on an industrial scale. IBM will use the cloud service to allow external testing to demonstrate and confirm the capability of the computer. It will also be an opportunity for the company to learn new things about quantum computers through the views and discoveries of outside researchers in the opinion of Professor of theoretical physics David DiVincenzo of RWTH Aachen University.

Quantum computing is considered a major breakthrough because a quantum computer can emulate experiments that would be otherwise impossible to run on a regular computer regardless of its speed or size. The fridges currently used at IBM feature five cubit quantum computers. 5 Cubits are not enough to replicate most of the processes expected from an experiment, but they can handle a complex algorithm in a few seconds. One of the most important factors is that they are constantly at work.

Hosting the quantum computer on the cloud will provide quantum computing fans with an opportunity to run their experiments with the aid of the quantum processors. IBM initiated the development in 2014 after pumping $3 billion into the project.