Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Hires Raja Koduri From Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) To Help Develop Graphics Chips

The stock of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) closed at $46.70 losing 0.17% in yesterday’s trading session. This company through a statement expressed its great interest in selling top-end graphics cards. In a bid to make that a success, it has brought on board the former head of graphics from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD).

Raja Koduri is considered one of the finest brains in the field. It is just a week down the line since he stepped down from the position he held back in AMD. The official has always showcased great interest in whatever he does and at AMD he played a crucial role in reviving the company’s graphics business. He will go down records as one of the major contributors towards the development of the retina screen displays for the iPhone and a wide array of other products.

Koduri makes his way into Intel as the senior vice president where he is expected to serve the company with all due diligence. An Intel spokesperson in a recent interview disclosed that the company had plans underway to make expansions into the high-end discrete graphics.

Intel’s chief engineering officer and group president responsible for PC market chips, Murthy Renduchintala through a statement to the media disclosed that the company had plans underway to aggressively expand its computing and graphics capabilities. It might end up taking several years before the latest effort bears fruit. At AMD, Koduri worked on the Vega graphics processor which hit the markets this summer.

A spokesperson for AMD opined, “We have a very strong graphics team and will continue our focus on building great products. We also have industry-leading graphics IP and, if necessary, will vigorously defend it.”

Several experts have said that Vega GPU has come along with its disappointments. It is consuming so much in terms of energy and the performance isn’t as good as most of the people anticipated. It was back in September that Koduri took a leave of absence and he cited connecting with his family and stress as the main reasons.

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