Indian State Police Make Blockchain-Based Security Mandatory For Hotel Owners

Indian police of the state of Andhra Pradesh have made blockchain-based security solution mandatory for all the hotel owners in the region. The security solution has been developed by a local startup Zebi and merges artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain for securing store data about the hotel guests. The main aim behind of this solution is to prevent criminal activities as well as to bring more convenience to the customers.

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Zebi Solution Made Mandatory For Hotels Across Vizag

Developed by Zebi Data India, the Zebi AI Chain solution is a type of customer identity authentication product customized for hotels so that the guest data can be protected. According to the founder and CEO of Zebi, Babu Mungala, the solution is already being used by more than 200 hotels in the port city of Vishakapatnam including Novotel, The Park, and Taj Gateway. He further stated that the same technology can also be used in educational institutes and offices for educational certification, secure land registry, and for protecting other high-value records.

Dr. Fakeerappa Kaginelli, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the capital of Andhra Pradesh known for its “Fintech Valley” ecosystem said that the use of Zebi solution has been made mandatory across Vizag. Kaginelli said,” All hotels are directed to enter their check-in particulars on real-time basis without fail and they are adhering too … 230 hotels are entering their guest particulars through this tech web page.”

Zebi Takes Less Time, Offers More Privacy

Laws require hotels to provide all guest information to the police. It puts the privacy of the customers at risk as prior to Zebi things were carried out manually requiring sharing of multiple paper documents. When the guest data is stored in the blockchain, Zedi ID is provided to the guests who give them the ability to either approve or disapprove of any data transaction. Apart from the customers whose privacy is maintained, the hotels too can fulfill the legal obligations faster thereby reducing their laborious tasks.

Zedi wants to take their venture further by helping police authenticate the Aadhaar database and plans are up for the solution’s full-scale deployment across all the hotels in the country. Incidentally, the Andhra government is also partnering with Zebi to secure land records and until now has successfully secured land records using Zebi Data solution.

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