imToken Simplifying Wallet Use With New Partnership With MMX

imToken Simplifying Wallet Use With New Partnership With MMX

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology are still a hard concept to grasp for many investors. As a result, many investors choose to stay away until a time when the market will be less technical and more user-friendly. Therefore, reports of imToken simplifying wallet use are encouraging.

According to Proactive Investors, the partnership between imToken and Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) was a long time coming. The partnership will allow imToken to fully integrate the offering of .luxe domain names.

imToken simplifying wallet use with the help of ‘.luxe’ domain name

As per Crunchbase, imToken is an Ethereum wallet provider that enables multi-chain asset management. Established in 2016, the firm operates out of Hangzhou in China. Further, the firm provides a secure and private transfer of assets alongside browsing of decentralised applications (dApps). imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum wallet.

As Proactive Investors reports, new and existing users of imToken will be able to use the new domain as a key. Basically, the .luxe domain will act as an identifier which will enable users to access their Ethereum wallets. Particularly, the domain name will create a simple website link which replaces traditional 42 character wallet addresses. Therefore, imToken simplifying wallet use will depend on the website link.

As a result, the new keys will be easy to store since users can even commit them to memory. This will make the process of blockchain transactions less complicated. According to a press release, users will be able to acquire the .luxe web names from various domain registrars globally.

Ground breaking

With the domain name, users will easily connect to various Ethereum wallets including My Ether Wallet, imToken, and Mist. Further, the release explains that the rollout will be gradual. By early November, the .luxe domain will be available for general public.

According to Ben He, CEO/Founder of imToken, the partnership is an effort towards trust and transparency. Further, he believes that the groundbreaking work by MMX will further facilitate mainstreaming of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“The fact that the .luxe domain can also work on the World Wide Web is ground-breaking, allowing the world of blockchain to become seamlessly knitted into everyday usage on the Web,” says He.