Ikänik, Colombia’s CIB to Develop Cannabis-Based Treatment for Human Diseases

Ikänik Farms, a cannabis company that has operations in California and Colombia, announced that Ikänik International has signed a two-year collaborative R&D agreement with Colombian non-profit scientific research corporation center Corporation for Biological Research (CIB) to develop cannabis-based products for the treatment of human diseases.

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Ikänik International is represented by Ikänik Farms’ medical division in Colombia Pideka SAS.

The partnership will initially focus on researching and developing cannabis-based products to help prevent and slow the growth of colon cancer cells with the treatment of cannabinoids through nanotechnology.

Ikänik Farms will be responsible for producing cannabis plant material for CIB, collaborating on the research and conducting tests on the derivatives of the cannabis plant material in order to evaluate the efficacy in the treatment of colon cancer.

Pending the successful completion of the testing phase, Ikänik Farms will work with CIB to apply formulation technologies to the derivatives to create a colon cancer treatment model through pre-clinical and clinical studies.

“Ikänik Farms and CIB are collaborating on research aimed to develop cannabis-based products for the pharmaceutical market to treat diseases in humans, while increasing the scientific understanding of the cannabis plant and its use in future applications,” Ikänik international President Borja Sanz de Madrid stated.

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