Hulu Eyeing Blockchain Cautiously

Amazon Video and Netflix are of course the main streaming service rivals of Hulu, but the advertising experience is unlike its rivals. The subscriber base of Hulu has grown by a significant margin and several market observers have commended the streaming platform because of the way it has managed to serve more ads in different ways.

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The company is looking into potential ways to enhance brand transparency and trust across the media supply chain. It seems to be focusing more on blockchain technology for this purpose.

Points highlighted in the CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit

The last CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit was conducted in Columbia University, an event attended by Head of Ad Tech and Platform Operations at Hulu, Adam Moser. He sat down with PCMag and most of the concerned parties were looking forward to seeing the crucial matters highlighted.

The talk was centered around the impact of blockchain on the advertising industry as a whole. Moser disclosed that in the meantime Hulu wasn’t applying blockchain. But it was considering the impact it could have on the broad ad industry.

The conversation stretched from data transparency to smart contracts. Most of the marketers are finding Blockchain to be rather interesting to use and of course that is because both transparency and trust are more ensured.

Blockchain and its transparency and trust attributes

Transparency and trust are attributes that Hulu, both as a publisher and a brand takes seriously. Moser believes that the ability to track transactional details in a decentralized and open way will help simplify matters in a significant way.

Moser admits that the industry faces numerous challenges from time to time, but lays emphasis on the need to choose, which ones to solve at a point. According to him, applications many times aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

The company has stated that it will be providing advertisers with transparency into crucial data and pricing. Marketers have a relatively easy time since matters have been simplified in such a way that they are able to understand how their inventory is being purchased and charged. Blockchain is expected to solve a lot of these sorts of issues in the marketplace as we progress.

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