Cryptanite Wallet App Available On Apple and Google Play Stores

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. announced recently that its Cryptanite Wallet app is currently available on both Apple and Google Play app stores. The new Wallet will offer three types of cryptocurrency baskets; HODL, HOOD, BASE, and CUSTOM for investors. The Cryptanite Wallet is secure, user-friendly and enables users to easily buy, invest and store a collection of up to 15 popular crypto assets such as the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) and others.

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John Eagleton, founder and CEO of Cryptanite stated that cryptocurrency investors will now utilize the Cryptanite Wallet on their mobile devices including iPhone and Android and other gadgets that support App Store.

Cryptanite Wallet is a solution to the current manual wallet system that is quite slow and complex. The new wallet baskets are based on machine learning algorithms that detect the leading tokens in the market basing on the price fluctuations and return rates.

Cryptanite Unique Features

The main features of the Cryptanite Wallet include secure cold storage capabilities to enable users to easily and securely print both public and private keys and store them in a safe place. In addition, each basket holds top cryptocurrencies in their respective trading applications.

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies utilizes blockchain technology to develop secure and reliable payment systems and focuses on improving both mobile apps such as the credit and debit products for both fiat and cryptocurrency markets.

Other Similar Products

Meanwhile, Huawei, the third largest smartphone manufacturer after Apple and Samsung announced recently that it will install BTC wallets known as on its future smartphones to enable the users to easily access the crypto asset markets.

De la Torre, Vice President of Business Operations at stated that the new Wallet gives the firm an opportunity to tap into the growing Chinese market. The users will now access the cashless payments system using the app found in their handsets. is owned by the world’s largest BTC mining hardware manufacturing company, Bitmain Technologies. The rapid development and growth of Cryptocurrency markets continue to amaze the world as many people gradually embrace the innovative technologies across the world.

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