HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) Pushing Into Manufacturing 3D Printers For Metal Objects

The stock of HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) closed at $20.40 losing 0.05% in yesterday’s trading session. This company’s CEO on Thursday revealed that they had plans underway to start selling a wide array of 3D printers that produce metal objects. This is being viewed by many as an expansion from the company’s existing 3D printers which have over the years been producing plastic-based products.

Through a call, the CEO provided a few additional details. He spoke about the company’s plan to sell the new 3D printers dedicated to metals. The Company will also be considering upgrading its existing 3D printers.

When asked to comment on what price the printers would be sold for, the CEO declined to comment. He also did not disclose exactly when they were going to debut the products. He left a lot of people guessing after saying that they needed to be patient in the meantime since the company would be disclosing more details with time.

HP is looking forward to spark a series of discussions with the potential customers that have indicated interest in 3D printing metal objects. It is quite evident that the company has been pushing into the 3D printing industry with impact.

That is of course from the time it debuted its first 3D printer back in 2016. A lot of people are curious to find out the exact details regarding the sales. Persons familiar with the company’s strategies have stated that it will soon take to growing its business in a bigger way. It hopes to move beyond what it is used to over the years, selling conventional printers and PCs.

HP Inc also intends to channel some of its resources towards the manufacture and sale of a cheaper version of its existing 3D printers. Business experts have also applauded the company’s move to expand its graphics-printing business. If everything moves according to plan, a lot of companies will be able to start printing graphics on textiles.

The CEO opined, “Manufacturers typically use 3D printers to produce small numbers of parts like the rubber connectors in cars that cover electrical wires.”

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