Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN) Files An 8-K

Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN) entered into separate agreements (each, an “Amended Leak-Out Agreement”) with each of the buyers (“Buyers”) listed on the Schedule of Buyers attached to that certain Securities Purchase Agreement, dated December 28, 2015, by and among the Company and the Buyers. In each Amended Leak-Out Agreement, the Company and a Buyer agreed that during the period commencing on October 17, 2016 through and including October 21, 2016, neither such Buyer nor any of its affiliates will sell, directly or indirectly, on any trading day more than a fixed percentage (as designated in such Leak-Out Agreement, which, in the aggregate for all Buyers, equals approximately 40%) of the trading volume of our common stock on the Nasdaq Capital Market, unless our common stock is then trading above the lower of (x) $5.50 or (y) 120% of the closing bid price of our common stock as of the trading day immediately preceding such date of determination.

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