GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) Launches A New $5,000 Virtual Reality Rig and Sharing Site

GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) has launched a new virtual reality platform, designed to help developers create 360-degree videos. The six-camera omni set-up platform will retail for $5,000, seen as a cheaper option to the 16-camera Odyssey rig that goes for $15,000.

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The new platform seeks to expand GoPro’s virtual reality ecosystem as the company continues to look for new areas of growth. The Omni-setup will come with six cameras with the camera maker providing other hardware and software needed to develop 360-degree videos.

Developers who already have six GoPro cameras will be able to pay just $1,500, to access other hardware and software that come with the platform. The company is currently taking pre-orders for the new Omni setup platform on its site.

While Omni still appears to be out of the financial reach of many, GoPro remains committed to making the whole production of VR content as simple as possible. The platform is designed to work with the company’s Kolor video stitching software as well as other third party apps. Adobe’s Premier Pro CC and After Effects are some of the apps that should support spherical videos created by Omni.

VR Video Sharing Platform

GoPro has also unveiled a new platform dedicated to the sharing of 360-degree video. Dubbed GoPro VR, the new platform will be available as an app that people can use both on Android and iOS devices.

According to reports, the new platform is an upgrade of the Kolor Eyes app that GoPro bought from French VR Company Kolor. The only thing that is clear now is that the app will play host to original content from GoPro and select artists around the globe. The app will also handle content from sponsored athletes as well as select user-generated content.

Omni and Odyssey provide a clear insight of how GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) plans to handle VR video. There is already talk that the company is planning to release a new VR friendly camera as it looks to immerse itself deeper into the fast emerging market.

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