GGRocket Unveils Blockchain-based AI Solution For Virtual Gaming Payments

Gaming may be about to get a whole lot better thanks to an international big data analytics firm called GGRockets which has just launched a blockchain-based AI solution aimed at facilitating token sales.

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The new solution is targeting the highly lucrative gaming industry which is currently valued at around $50 billion. GGRockets is scheduled to hold an initial coin offer (ICO) on September 1 this year, through which it plans to sell the tokens for the platform. The firm already has significant backing from various venture capitalists and a development grant from Microsoft.

GGRocket has a business and development team that has more than 30 employees. It was also able to attract the attention of Microsoft and other developers especially because it has been part of the IIDF program which is the biggest Venture Capital and accelerator program in Europe.

The firm’s developers have been working towards facilitating in-game purchases that involve real-world assets. GGRocket will build the whole virtual ecosystem on top of its in-house blockchain called GG Chain. This will allow it to use decentralized applications and smart contracts to connect participants. Its native token called GGRocket Tokens (GGR) will be used to facilitate transactions within the platform. This will allow all the participants including buyers and sellers to interact within a trustless environment.

GGRocket’s partnership with

GGRocket already boasts a significant clientele courtesy of its partnership with The latter is a marketplace for gaming-related products and services and the platform is worth millions of dollars. So far the partnership has proven to be lucrative for the two parties and allowed GGRocket’s solutions to be made available to customers using the website.

“With GGRocket, the virtual gaming economy is about to be positively disrupted with AI, eradicating in-game fraud and boosting revenues of businesses,” stated GGRocket CEO, Alexey Belyankin.

The GGRocket executive also pointed out that his firm’s blockchain solution will expand its scope of influence by making it possible for individuals to become active participants in the ecosystem. The platform will also offer significant advantages to gamers such as making sure that they are protected from scams.

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