Fuel Games Launches Blockchain’s First e-sport On Ethereum

Fuel Games has launched its online game, Gods Unchained, which the company says will be first blockchain-based eSport in the world.

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The online multiplayer CCG game

The company has introduced an online multiplayer CCG game player, which will use blockchain technology to offer gamers with ownership of all the items they buy in games. Fuel Games, the CEO and Founder, James Ferguson, said that many people spend a lot of money and time in buying in-game items. He adds that game studios rarely offer users with a licensing agreement for the item bought.

Ferguson co-founded Fuel Games with his brother Robbie Ferguson. Both were motivated by their personal experiences in the world of gaming, as well as the challenges that come with having a centralized control over in-game economies.

On his side, Robbie says that by offering gamers with full ownership of in-game items, as well as the ability to freely trade them is a reward for spending and the efforts. He adds that the game industry is shifting towards embracing revenue-driven models and players are in need for guarantees about the tradability as well as the value of the assets.

Fuel Games’ first ICO

Recently, the company announced that it raised $2.4 million in an ICO. The funds will be used to create more games, as well as develop Apollo, the company’s software platform. The platform will now allow studios to integrate titles using blockchain. The fundraising was led by Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital with assistance from Coinbase and Sora Ventures.

Apart from the fundraising, the company also launched a pre-sale launch of its online games, Gods Unchained. Earlier in February, the company announced that it released Etherbots, which is built on Ethereum blockchain. The new game offers players full ownership of the robots, which they use to fight other players. Two weeks after its launch, the game recorded $1 million in sales of in-game items.

In developing Gods Unchained, the company is seeking to show how decentralizing in-game economies is evolving in the gaming industry. The company also wants to give customers the experience, which gives developers the expectations for new games.

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