Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) To Hit The Market With An Enhanced Expedition

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)

Flex and the full-size Expedition are among the oldest vehicles in the Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) lineup today that are quickly fading into the sunset. The latter has been running against the likes of class-leading Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. However, the automaker has a throwback, which will somewhat be filling up the dent of those which are losing their market. The timing would appear just right given that a majority of customers are seeking for breakneck speeds versus prices.

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Ford’s throwback is the 2018 Expedition, the all new, aluminum-bodied version of its biggest SUV. The truck, which is built in Louisville, Ky will be offered in two sizes both larger and lighter than the aging version that it replaces. The standard edition will be competing with the Tahoe while the extended XL will be challenging the Suburban. The two are promising a better fuel economy when they go on sale this fall; thanks to their new features.

The new Expedition follows in the success pattern of the company’s full-size pickups

The 2018 Expedition aim is to address various deficits from its predecessor. It should be no surprise to those who already have had a feel of Ford’s full-size pickups. The Expedition breaks no new ground because many of its features have just been enhanced. For example, the body actually bears an unexpected similarity to the Tahoe. The two models are just about one-inch wider than before while XL’s wheelbase remains unchanged.

This is an important milestone for Ford according to Michelle Krebs. The Autotrader senior analyst says, “The 2018 Expedition arrives on the market at a good time. Sales of full-size utilities were up 22% in 2016, with the sales momentum expected to continue in 2017.”

Let’s explore other untold features of the 2018 Expedition

As the Expedition claims its fame in the competitive market, there are notable features that are worth mentioning. First, the rear suspension, which is unique in the segment. It makes a significant contribution to the smooth ride and rear passenger room. The interior features include a rotary shifter on the center console. There is also the adaptive damping that adjusts the ride to suit conditions.

Ford may have put its act together to win not only boomers with boats but also millennials that are now starting to grow. In the meantime, Ford’s stock was trading at $12.34 a fall of $0.18 or 1.44%.

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