Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Adds Prima Art Filters To Facebook Live

Prisma Integrates Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Live Streaming Feature Into Its Offering

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Prisma has introduced a new feature that allows users to launch Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Live streaming directly through the Prisma app.

The latest prisma update allows the user to launch Facebook Live and start broadcasting videos through the Prisma app. It also allows users to apply filters to their live broadcasts. Unfortunately, these features are currently limited to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices. According to Prisma developers, adding filters to videos takes a considerable amount of computing power and only the latest hardware can support it.

“Not every smartphone can handle that.We’re working to bring this to powerful Android smartphones also,” pointed out Prisma executive Aram Airapetyan.

The art filter technology used in the new feature has been described as “style transfer.” It allows users to transform videos or photos into abstract art forms or cartoons. Alexey Moiseenkov, one of the co-founders of Prisma, demonstrated the style transfer feature towards the end of October. This was just one day after Facebook demonstrated its own upcoming style transfer filter designed for Facebook Live.

Prisma made its debut in June as a style transfer app for photos. The app introduced video styling support a few weeks ago and also revealed that it plans to follow up with animated gifs. When asked whether his firm is worried about the growing competition, Moiseenkov stated that it was mere proof that the company’s filters are strong.

“We’re happy that big tech companies are working on style transfer. We are not worried or afraid. We are just working and getting better every day,” stated Moiseenkov.

The firm is already working on numerous other improvements that fit plans to introduce in the future. The executives have also promised that the future versions of the app will be more social though at the moment it is not clear what exactly will be added to the app.

Facebook stock closed the latest trading session at $110.88.

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