Ethereum Developers Unveil Ad-Free Blockchain Explorer

Enjin, a dedicated Ethereum development team, has launched EnjinX, an ad-free universal blockchain explorer designed to make Ethereum data more accessible to mainstream markets.

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Offering a Google-like experience, the new blockchain search engine allows users to search transactions, tokens, and addresses. It features a clean interface that provides traders, gamers, and token holders a simple way to explore the Ethereum (ETH-USD) blockchain.

World’s Fastest Ethereum Explorer

Featured on Product Hunt, EnjinX is the world’s fastest Ethereum explorer by up to 30 seconds. It delivers blocks in real-time and even displays live tickers for pending and internal transactions.

To generate revenues, the development team plans to offer developer APIs and blockchain integration tools that further boost adoption of the Ethereum Network.

EnjinX’s real-time token index delivers the latest data for the top 200 tokens, making it the best place to view current prices, volumes, and market caps for ERC-20 tokens. The explorer also features human-friendly address labels that attach names to well-known blockchain addresses, making browsing, searching, and contextual research even easier.

Google Search of Blockchain

Optimized for smartphones and tablets, the new “Google search of blockchain” offers a personalized experience that allows users to choose between different themes, night and day modes, and currencies. The platform also supports over 20 languages, so users from across the world can explore Ethereum in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and even Pirate English.

EnjinX will soon be upgraded to include support for next-generation ERC-1155 and legacy ERC-721 token standards, enabling users to browse blockchain assets ranging from gaming items and collectibles to digital art and even blockchain-based books.

In the future, the team will also launch full support for Bitcoin (BTC-USD), Litecoin (LTC-USD), and Dogecoin (DOGE-USD), along with a powerful REST API that delivers live blockchain data to apps, websites, and smart devices.

EnjinX Can Operate In China

Fully licensed to operate in China, EnjinX will provide native Chinese translations and has servers residing within China to improve performance. The service is fully compliant with all laws and regulations, meaning that Chinese developers can use EnjinX services directly, without fear of the tools they rely on being shut down by the government.

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