Elev8 Brands Enters Distribution Agreement With Outwest505

Elev8 Brands Inc. (OTCMKTS:VATE),a company that produces cannabinoid infused drinks and CBD topicals and distillates has announced a new business connection with Outwest505 Distribution.

Elev8 offering hemp and CBD infused coffee and tea

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The company is the first publicly traded that offers both CBD infused ready to drink tea and CBD infused read to drink iced coffee. Elev8 is an emerging brand that has sought to expand its distribution network in the west.

Elev8 hemp sales team is actively pursuing new distribution networks and last week they had meetings to this effect every day of the week. Following discussions and efforts, Outwest505 entered into an agreement to distribute and supply the company’s CBD-infused drinks to most retailers in the American southwest.

Outwest505 is a “mom and pop” distributor based in New Mexico and it has experience of over 20 years in the wholesale business. Over the last two years Elev8 Hemp established that hemp and CBD infused beverages were fitting products that could improve their distribution network and offer quality beverages for retailers.

Growing distribution network

The products have been a big hit since their introduction by Outwest505 which is enjoying the position as the only local distributor of CBD and hem-based drinks. The company joins other leading wholesale distributors such as TAPPY. Elev8 is growing its distribution portfolio and the company is currently reviewing distribution contracts of three more distributors that will be unveiled soon.

Ryan Medico the CEO of Elev8 Hemp stated that they were delighted to add Outwest505 to their growing distribution portfolio for the CBD-infused ready to drink iced coffee and tea. He added that the company is experiencing good growth as the sales team explores more distribution and wholesale avenues. The company is preparing to ship its products to New Mexico.

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