Electronic Music Festival Supynes Allows Purchase Of Tickets With Cryptos

There seems to be an evolution of sorts erupting. Despite the fall of cryptocurrencies in value, cryptocurrency adoption is spreading far beyond the initial tech-savvy users and is already reaching audiences that few thought possible. A new group of so-called CryptoRaves is emerging. They are a trend of modern electronic music fans, a sort of decentralized movement of art and culture.

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One of the biggest electronic music festivals found in Lithuania, Supynes becomes the latest in adopting cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts can now buy tickets by either using Bitcoin or a number of other cryptos to attend one of the biggest summer events taking place on July 26- July 29 in Lithuania.

The organizers are also holding a panel dedicated to cryptocurrencies as well as the technology powering them. The panel will take place at open-air academy, hands-on-deck and at “Playground”. The latter is a creative stage for audiovisual collaborations.

Organizers have pointed out that the intersection between the cryptocurrency revolution and the electronic music revolution is similar. Electronic music as an alternative to popular genres resulting in a “rebellious” art movement. In the same way, blockchain is currently disrupting traditional currencies, though still small scale.

The organizers hold the view that creativity and novelty are inherent for the festival attendees. They stated that that was the main reason for them to become an avenue to spread such ideas.


Supynes joined hands with CoinGate, a cryptocurrency payment processor, in order to rope in all digital currency enthusiasts. According to CoinGate’s CEO Dmitrijus Borisenka, the general public will get a grip on how cryptos work by being able to buy tickets using Bitcoin. He said that they intended to show that the technology can be used in everyday life.

The CoinGate team is also involved in playing a major role in creating the cryptocurrency panel at Supyness Playground. The company’s Chief Technical Officer will lead a discussion on the similarities between revolutions in technology and culture. He was pleased by the chance to teach newcomers about blockchain technology.

The revolution seems to be gaining steam. In Las Vegas, a recording DJ and producer, Justin Blau is designing a movement to integrate blockchain technology into the fabric of the modern music festival experience with a blockchain-powered music festival.

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