CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) Launches ScriptPath Prescription Schedule To Aid Patients

CVS Health Corp

CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) has announced the launch of a new service called ScriptPath Prescription Schedule which targets retail patients that are on multiple prescription medications.

The company revealed that the new ScriptPath prescription will contain CVS Pharmacy prescription information pertaining to each patient and the information will be accessible from one place. This information will also include the list of medication taken by the patient as well as their medication schedules. The idea behind all of this is that it will provide a safer and more efficient way for patients to understand their dosages. This will not only serve the patients but also the caretakers.

“Fifty percent of patients struggle with understanding how and when to take their prescription medications, and for those with complex prescription regimens it can be even more challenging,” stated CVS Health’s Chief Medical Officer and Executive VP, Troyen Brennan.

Brennan further pointed out that providing a dosage schedule that is clear and concise and that incorporates all their ongoing CVS Pharmacy prescriptions will lower the number of times a patient takes medication on a daily basis. He further added that the system will help patients to stick to their recommended dosages thus facilitating the improvement of their health.

Meanwhile, the company has also been working on playing a part in the community and it recently announced that its customers and colleagues donated roughly $4 million to help out the people in Texas and Puerto Rico that were affected by hurricanes. The company also donated critical products and supplies worth $6 million to add on to the $4 million donations bringing the total to $10 million. The donations will play a significant part towards helping the rebuilding process for those affected in the two regions.

CVS Health also revealed that the donated funds will be distributed between the Rebuild Texas Fund, Unidos por Puerto Rico and the Florida Disaster Fund over the coming weeks. The products that were donated will be distributed to the places where they are required most.

CVS Health stock closed the latest trading session on Thursday at $80.90 after climbing 1.04% compared to the previous close.

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