Cortana Update By Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) To Make Emails, Calendars Proactive

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working on making PC usage more personalized and smarter, with the latest update to its Cortana feature. According to company officials, the update will make emails, reminders and calendars more proactive. The new updates are expected to be available with Windows 10 in the U.S. and U.K. initially and help users manage their time more effectively.

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For emails, Cortana will review and advise setting reminders in accordance with users’ email sending habits. The new technique will enable the feature to suggest the setting of reminders for tasks that require action. For instance if a user sets a task to be done at 5 pm, the feature will store the information and as the time for the task grows nearer, it will send a reminder.

Cortana aims to Enhance Productivity

According to Product Manager at Cortana Group Marcus Ash, the feature will be similar to the existing one that enables user to get alerts after clicking on the Cortana tab.

Ash stated that the update will help in increasing productivity by saving users from additional notifications. It can be accessed as easily as the windows search bar. The feature is a replacement for Microsoft Office’s Clippy feature that irritated users with excessive notifications.

Easy to Control

Cortana’s time management function can also be turned off by the user. According to Ash, the feature is meant to be an extension to what users already do, and is simply a better and more organized method of reading emails and viewing the calendar on the PC.

Once the feature meets the approval of the initial sphere of users, it is likely to be available to others but the company has not commented on an exact timeframe.

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