Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) And Ericsson Offer Wi-Fi From Moving Vans

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Ericsson have taken Wi-Fi services to the next level by providing internet connectivity from moving Vans.

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Comcast, which offers one of the largest Wi-Fi hotspot businesses in the world, revealed the partnership with Ericsson where the two will create Wi-Fi cargo vans and use them to provide internet hotspots. Ericsson announced that the two have been working on the designs of the vans, and they have already named the project “Wi-Fi on Wheels.” The two firms will customize Transit 350 cargo vans manufactured by Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F).

Each van will be fitted with six Wi-Fi access points and the Ericsson Network will support about 2,500 people up to a distance of 500 feet. The project will also support non-line of sight (NLOS), onboard power backup, microwave backhaul and speedy deployment. This means that Comcast can launch the hotspot service in just a few minutes. Ericsson has poured in a lot of time and resources to create the NLOS backhaul system which requires high-frequency signals to go through buildings.

Ericsson North America’s president and CEO Angel Ruiz stated that driving innovation is not just about harnessing the best technology but also bringing new ways of using the technology. The CEO further added that the project will allow Comcast to carry out speedy dispatch and easy setup so that the project can be used to spread coverage to areas that are hard to reach.

Eric Schaefer, general manager and senior vice president of mobility, data and communications at Comcast stated that his firm offers the largest Wi-Fi service and it is eager to find innovative ways that will allow XFINITY users to gain access in more areas. The two companies have not yet announced the number of Transit 350 vans that will be involved in the project or the locations where the vehicles will be deployed. Nevertheless, the Wi-Fi project is expected to give Comcast a more competitive edge against carriers.

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