Chinese Blockchain-Based Service Baidu Totem To Unveil Rewards, New Layouts

Baidu Totem, the blockchain-based photo service introduced by Baidu Inc., is planning to introduce a new blockchain layout and unveil Totem Rewards over the next two weeks. The announcement was posted by Totem on its official website.

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Baidu is quite ambitious with its Totem which was launched a few months ago in April, to manage intellectual property rights for images. As per the announcement made by the company, the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies of Baidu can remove duplicates from the web. In case it discovers any infringements, Totem will enlist the help of online rights lawyers to take care of the issue.

Baidu launched Totem to secure intellectual property rights

Baidu launched Totem to secure the copyright of photos in China because the country has a reputation for disregarding intellectual property rights. The image rights’ management system is similar to KODAKOne, the blockchain supported system from Kodak that tracks photos. The system time stamps all the images submitted by the users including the real name of the user in real time and stores the data on a distributed network.

Prior to Totem, Baidu launched Laici Gou at the start of this year. It is a tool similar to cryptokitties that are based on blockchain and makes adopting, breeding and trading digital puppies easy for dog lovers. The company also unveiled its first locally-developed knowledge quiz application, Duyuzhou last month. Based on the blockchain, Duyuzhou which means Du Universe will develop a digital universe comprising of planets, gravitation, and other elements.

Totem Rewards to be launched officially in two weeks                         

According to a report, Baidu’s search division vice president, Wu Hailong, search chief architect and director of the blockchain laboratory Tan Waiting, and director of Baidu’s search product operations, Zhang Xinyong will launch the Totem Rewards. They will and unveil the blockchain layout officially for the first time in two weeks time at a conference. Totem Rewards will serve as an incentive and will be available only for certain functions such as user uploads. They are expected to allot equity in the blockchain ecosystem.

As of now, the company has not released any consumption scenarios related to Totem Rewards. However, speculations are adrift that it may be related to image transactions and resources exchange of Baidu.

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