Canndescent Seeks to Replicate California’s Success in Canada

Canndescent Seeks to Replicate California’s Success in Canada
Courtesy of Canndescent

California’s brand of ultra-premium cannabis flower and maker of luxury cannabis oil concentrate products Canndescent has signed a partnership agreement with Humble & Fume and its subsidiary Fume Labs to sell its products in Canada. 

Under the agreement, Fume Labs will manufacture and sell Canndescent’s ultra-premium vape cartridges in the brand’s five signature effects – Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge in Canada. 

Fume Labs will be responsible for extracting, packaging, and distributing Canndescent products throughout Canada. Fume Labs specializes in crafting true-to-flower experiences. The processing conditions are optimized to preserve and extract cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds at each stage to create authentic flavor profiles and consumer experiences.   

Canndescent plans to replicate it’s success in California by becoming a leading brand in the Canadian market and we believe Fume Labs offers us multiple advantages that will contribute to our success,  Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin stated.