California’s Cannabis Delivery Service Now Accepts Bitcoin

California’s Cannabis Delivery Service Now Accepts Bitcoin

SpeedWeed, California’s only legal cannabis delivery platform, announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC-USD).

Customers can now use the popular cryptocurrency to purchase legal marijuana products from licensed dispensaries and have them delivered directly to their door, the company said in a statement.

“With banks and credit card companies shying away from the cannabis industry, customers are forced to pay in cash. That’s really inconvenient. We have a better way,” SpeedWeed Director of Operations Ken Breese stated. “By allowing members to pay with crypto, we’re able to keep our promise: SpeedWeed is the safest, most convenient way to have cannabis delivered.”

Launched in 2011 as a family business, SpeedWeed has become the largest cannabis delivery platform in America with over 200,000 members and growing. It gained notoriety for delivering medical marijuana to the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.