California Makes Its First Move Towards Embracing Blockchain With New Bill

California Makes Its First Move Towards Embracing Blockchain With New Bill

Senator Bob Hertzberg of the California State Senate has moved ahead to introduce a bill which he believes will contribute significantly to allowing blockchain technology into formal documentation. The bill was dubbed SB 838 and was observed as the very first step towards the introduction of the technology into the state of California.

In other crypto news, BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment service provider, has made an announcement that will pave the way for brick-and-mortar businesses to start using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for payments. The new service will be about serving the large number of customers with an option to choose between paying in BCH and bitcoin (BTC).

Many restaurants as well as retail businesses already use the BitPay Checkout service. At this point in time it is being used in Paris, Madeira Beach, St. Petersburg, Toronto and Atlanta. The service started back in 2014 BitPay. Since then, bitpay has taken to including more options for crypto payments.

There is a 1% processing fee and the service has already been integrated with companies such as Bitmonet, 3DCart and Shopify. Many BCH users have found the new update favorable.

While making their payments, customers may choose to provide a tip as well as select the currency of their choice. Also, by using their mobile wallets they are in a position to scan the BitPay Checkout QR code. It takes either a tap or a swipe to make payments and the receiving merchant is able to access the local currency bank settlement in one day.

Last month BitPay upgraded its system in a bid to get various buyers to start accepting online payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Bitpay initially joined the cryptocurrency community back in 2011.

Last year, BitPay co-founder Steven Pair had said that no bitcoin alternative was compelling and innovative enough to compete adequately, though since then competitors have arisen including Ethereum and Ripple.