Box Inc (NYSE:BOX), Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp (NASDAQ:CTSH) Join Efforts On Cloud Migration Services

The teaming up of Cloud storage vendor Box Inc (NYSE:BOX) and Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp (NASDAQ:CTSH) may be a plus for the technological world. The arrangement intends to give the industry new shape through the development industry-specific cloud migration services.

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The main targets of the duo are healthcare, life sciences, financial services, insurance, and media. The manufacturing and retail markets are also enlisted among those who will benefit from the deal.

According to Cognizant COO, Sean Middleton, clients have to work hard to transform documents that sit at the core of many business processes. It is at this point that the Box Platform comes in which will enable a quick buildup of reliable solutions. The solutions will in return influence enterprise-grade content management, alliances as well boost security capabilities.

But how will these two companies achieve the transformation given the rapid growth and change in technology? Training must be done as well as consultancy and custom services for joint customers.  Cognizant’s role of being Box’s go-to systems integrations partner will also come in handy in that it will facilitate the movement of customers’ business content from legacy environments over to Box.

There is a need to create a new environment for businesses and this is exactly what the two companies are embracing.

Apart from this project, Box news is also involved in the expansion of its partnership with Okta with the purpose of supporting the protected admittance across a manifold of devices and endpoints.

Plans are now underway by the two to have Okta integrated into Mobility Management. It will also be incorporated into Box’s storage and partnership service. It seems like just a matter of time before the two can unleash more initiatives.

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