ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) To Host 8th Semi-Annual BBSS Event At ADTRAN’s Headquarters in Alabama

The 8th semi-annual Broadband & Business Solutions Summit (BBSS) event is being hosted by ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) at its headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. Apart from being exposed to transformative economic and social impact of Gigabit, the attendees will also be discovering the future network state driven by highly mechanical, programmable, and open access networks which are good enough for creation and service delivery.

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ADTRAN is the prominent provider of next-generation Gigabit software defined access solutions. In order to provide holistic view to the attendees of the technical and business opportunities that Gigabit broadband has to offer without filtration, it has expanded its event programming and messaging.

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Speaking about the event, ADTRAN’s vice president, service provider sales, Mitch Fleming outlined that the sole purpose of the Company’s Broadband & Business Solutions Summit is to provide the necessary tools to service providers and key IT decision makers. The tools will enhance the delivery of a transformative Gigabit broadband capability of their customers which will in return propel entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The event has been embraced by many, among them CEO of the New Lisbon Telephone Company, John Greene. Having participated in previous Broadband & Business Solutions Summits, Lisbon admits that his team has gained an understanding and appreciation of ADTRAN’s efforts to shape the future of broadband.

Lisbon further states that from the hardware and software developers’ view, the company is not hesitant to give more details about the future of broadband innovation and has also remained open to the new directions from other service providers.

Over the years, the Broadband & Business Solutions Summits have been hosting thousands of service provider participants where attendees have not gone home empty handed. The feedback has been outstanding. Among the attendees of the current summit is Harrison Diamond, from the City of Huntsville who will be sharing his first-hand experiences for building a Gigabit city.  ADTRAN executives and research scientists on current innovations will also be present.

Eventually the attendees will be treated to tours of ADTRAN’s research lab and facilities.

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