Blockchain Technology Partners Rolls Out Sextant On AWS Marketplace For Containers

Blockchain Technology Partner’s Sextant Blochain platform now on AWS Marketplace for Containers

Enterprise blockchain firm Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) has unveiled its blockchain management platform called Sextant on AWS Marketplace for Containers.

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The rollout is a major step forward since it represents the intersection of blockchain technology for business and cloud computing technology. Amazon’s AWS platform is popular as one of the best cloud computing platforms in the world. Meanwhile, Sextant is designed to help enterprises take advantage of blockchain’s full potential for business.

Sexton’s role in the grand scheme of things

Sextant acts as a platform on which enterprises can build their blockchain-based businesses and speed up innovation. It allows enterprises to divert more attention towards business application development rather than blockchain infrastructure.

“With today’s announcement, AWS Marketplace has extended its existing benefits and features to container products,” stated AWS executive Dave McCann.

McCann also stated that AWS Marketplace for Containers allows AWS clients to produce, discover and deploy container solutions. They are able to achieve this through Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) console.

BTP CEO Duncan Johnston-Watt stated that his company was pleased to join AWS Marketplace for Containers. He also noted that BTP will take advantage of AWS Fargate to provide Sextant to clients, and that Sextant will allow enterprises to enjoy easier blockchain management. They will also enjoy new capabilities now that the blockchain solution is on.

BTP has also recognized Hyperledger Sawtooth as the ultimate open-source emerging enterprise blockchain technology. This is mainly because it supports Ethereum smart contracts. It has a highly modular architecture that is scalable and also features a pluggable consensus mechanism.

Hyperledger Sawtooth will be a vital part of Sextant

Developers can easily create new blockchain applications through the platform since it has a clear distinction between the application tiers and the network. Developers will thus be able to come up with blockchain applications that will take advantage of existing code while also using some commonly used old programming practices.

Sextant uses a Hyperledger Sawtooth distribution network to provide one-click enterprise-grade Sawtooth network deployment. BTP tested and maintains the distribution network. The networks on the platform can be part of Sawtooth networks or they can exist as standalones.

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