BitUN Unveils Financial Product Supporting ETH & BTC

The latest app version of BitUN, which happens to be a private Blockachain bank, is pulling along with a new function of cryptocurrency financing. Most of the long-time holders of digital assets appreciate BitUN’s dedication towards ensuring that they always access a cryptocurrency market filled with new investment ideas.

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The latest products of BitUN

In a statement, BitUN disclosed that its latest financial products were the Cupid II (supporting BTC) and Cupid III (supporting ETH).The set target is 50 BTC and 300 ETH and that will take effect from May 16 to 19 not forgetting that the locking duration will be 30 days.

BitUN has said that it will direct much of its efforts in the promotion of products of high value. The profit-increasing coupon was highlighted as a working strategy and it is all about scaling the income of finance products higher. The delivery of more finance products will help invite more crypto investors.

The future of BitUN

This private bank is headlining in the right direction as was projected by several market observers. They termed it a remarkable performance that in just 47 days the customer base of BitUN has already exceeded 1 million mark in terms of registered users.

It was a milestone hit shortly after the private bank started its business operations and that was from March 7 this year. An official working for BitUN in a recent interview took great pride in the fact that just within a short period of time they managed to draw customers from over 20 countries around the globe. He mentioned Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the US.

It was a few months ago that this bank revealed its intention of becoming the first bank of its kind to deliver typically traditional services such as payment settlements to customers, wealth management and above all storage services.

The huge success witnessed in the provision of the above-mentioned services tells much about how far cryptocurrencies have come. The striking of a business partnership with Ping An Blockchain Research Institute in a bid to give a major lift to the blockchain market is also one of the latest moves by BitUN.

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