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Bitcoin Weekend News

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The rundown: Bitcoin and all major currencies are up Sunday; Hong Kong based blockchain technology firm Alphaslot closes a multimillion USD investment round; Phore Blockchain partners with blockchain telecom firm World Mobile; Coincheck parent company Monex Group launches a crypto exchange in the U.S.; A French member of parliament recommends investing €500 million in blockchain technology; and Blockchain company Quanta acquires a stake in International Lottery and Gaming.

Here is what is happening in the cryptocurrency market over the weeknd.

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In the News

Hong Kong based blockchain technology firm Alphaslot says it closed a multimillion USD investment round led by China’s Sora Ventures, with participation from Hong Kong’s Credito Capital and Shinobi Capital, Singapore’s Spartan Group, Netherland’s TRG, Silicon Valley’s Primitive Ventures and others. “We have seen tremendous growth in visitation to gaming destinations worldwide with over 39 million visitors to Las Vegas and 32 million to Macau last year. There is strong demand for new entertainment experiences that attract new players and a blockchain ecosystem is the catalyst,” Raymond Chan, founder and CEO of Alphaslot, said in a statement.

Phore Blockchain, a blockchain platform and ecosystem focused on real-world use, is forming a partnership with blockchain telecom firm World Mobile. The companies agreed to work to develop blockchain-based telecommunication solutions to benefit everyday users with low cost domestic and international calls, while providing transparency and security.

Blockchain company Quanta says that it will acquire a stake in International Lottery and Gaming Limited. “This acquisition will usher in an era when innovation compliments tradition, injecting the power of blockchain technology into the lottery business. We are confident that we can make blockchain popular and this acquisition represents a significant base for Quanta to target other emerging markets in Africa and other Continents,” Kostas Farris of Quanta, said in a press statement. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Japanese financial services giant Monex Group, the parent company of cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, plans to launch a crypto exchange in the U.S. During a business strategy briefing session, Monex CEO Oki Matsumoto said that Tradestation, the group’s U.S.-based subsidiary, will “offer virtual currency transactions … in the first quarter of 2019,” Reuters reported.

Calling 2019 the year of blockchain in France, Jean-Michel Mis, a liberal member of parliament from the La République En Marche party, recommends investing €500 million in government funding in blockchain technology over the next three years, reports ETH News. French President Emmanuel Macron has already announced more than $1.5 billion in public spending to develop artificial intelligence technology by 2022.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today (As of 05:16 AM EST)

Bitcoin (BTC) is down 1.63% over the past 24 hours, trading at $3,277.

Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $86.79 in the morning, up 3.27% over a 24-hour period.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is trading at $82.07, down 3.71% over the past 24 hours.

Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.2904, up 1.18% over a 24-hour period.

Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $26.04, down 10.52% over a 24-hour period.

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