BARINGTON/HILCO ACQUISITION CORP. (NASDAQ:BHAC) Files An 8-K Changes in Control of Registrant

BARINGTON/HILCO ACQUISITION CORP. (NASDAQ:BHAC) Files An 8-K Changes in Control of Registrant
Item 5.01 Change of Control of Registrant

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On January 3, 2018, Barington/Hilco Acquisition Corp. (the “Company” or “BHAC”), Barington Companies Advisors, LLC (“Barington”), Hilco Global (“Hilco Global”), Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC (“HMR” and, together with Hilco Global, collectively, “Hilco”), and certain additional parties, including members of the board of directors of the Company (together with Barington and Hilco, the “Sellers”), entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) with Sweiss Ventures, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (“Sweiss”), DMZ1 Holdings, LLC, a New York limited liability company (“DMZ”), BAG Spac 1, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“BAG”), PLA99, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (”PLA”), and Oreva Partners, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Oreva” and together with Sweiss, DMZ, BAG and PLA, the “Investors”).

to the Agreement, the Sellers agreed to transfer to the Investors an aggregate of (a) 1,035,767 shares of common stock, $0.001 par value per share, of the Company (the “Common Stock”), and (b) an aggregate of 142,500 warrants to purchase an additional 142,500 shares of Common Stock (collectively, the “Transferred Securities”). The 1,035,767 shares of Common Stock included in the Transferred Securities represented 96.5% of an aggregate of 1,073,267 insider promoter shares of Common Stock of the Company owned of record and beneficially by the Sellers (the “Insider Shares”). Under the Agreement, the Sellers retained an aggregate of (i) 285,000 shares of Common Stock and associated rights, which entitle a holder to receive one-tenth (1/10) of a share of Common Stock (the “Rights”), and (ii) 37,500 promotional shares of Common Stock that were issued to directors and officers of the Company and the acting chief financial officer of the Company as compensation for their services to the Company.

Pending the Company’s ability to effect a business combination with an unaffiliated entity that is approved by the Company’s stockholders (a “Business Combination”), the Insider Shares originally issued to the Sellers in connection with the formation of the Company as a special purpose acquisition corporation in 2014 were placed in escrow to a share escrow agreement dated as of February 5, 2015 by and among the Sellers, the Company and Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company (“CSTC”). The Transferred Securities issued to the Investors will continue to be retained in escrow with CSTC to a separate letter agreement among the Sellers and the Investors, dated January 3, 2018. The Sellers also agreed to assign to the Investors their registration rights with respect to the Transferred Securities and the Investors agreed to comply with such registration rights agreement. In addition, the Investors agreed to provide certain indemnification rights to the Sellers and to maintain in effect the current directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy maintained by the Company (or a policy of at least the same coverage and amounts containing terms and conditions which are no less advantageous to the Sellers).

In consideration for their receipt of the Transferred Securities and its affiliates obtaining control of the board of directors of the Company as described in Item 5.02 below, the Investors and its affiliates and associates (collectively, the “Investor Group”) agreed to use its and their best efforts to locate and consummate, on or prior to the June 30, 2018, a Business Combination for the Company acceptable to the Company’s stockholders. In addition, the Investors paid on behalf of the Company, or reimbursed the Sellers for, (i) $154,000, representing three months prepaid interest required to be paid by the Company to obtain an extension of the date by which the Company has to complete a Business Combination (the “Extension”), and other accrued fees and expenses, and agreed pay to approximately $59,229 in additional documented Company expenses within 30 days. The Investors also agreed to assume responsibility for all ongoing costs and expenses of the Company, including, without limitation, interest expenses associated with the Extension and costs and expenses associated with running and maintaining a publicly traded company following the closing of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

to the Agreement, the Company terminated the use of office space, administrative, technology and secretarial services at the offices of an affiliate of Barington located at 888 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019. The Agreement also provides that, upon the earlier to occur of (a) the next annual or special meeting of stockholders of the Company, or (b) the special meeting of stockholders of the Company to approve a Business Combination, the Company shall seek to amend its certificate of incorporation to change the name of the Company to one not having the words “Barington” or “Hilco” or any combination thereof in the corporate name.

A copy of the Agreement is attached as Exhibit 3.1 hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

Item 5.02. Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers

Under the terms of the Agreement, each of Jared L. Landaw, Jeffrey B. Hecktman, Robert Mettler, Frank R. Mori, James A. Mitarotonda and Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein, representing the entire former board of directors of the Company, resigned as directors effective as of the close of business January 4, 2018, and Paul Abramowitz, Justin Ehrlich, Marc Beilinson and Colin Conway have been appointed directors of the Company, with Mr. Levin serving as Chairman of the Board. In addition, Cory Lipoff, Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein and Jared L. Landaw each resigned as officers of the Company, and Mr. Abramowitz has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President of the Company, effective as of the close of business on January 4, 2018.

Mr. Abramowitz is the manager of PLA99, LLC, Mr. Beilinson is the manager of BAG Spac 1, LLC, Mr. Ehrlich is the manager of DMZ1 Holdings, LLC and Mr. Levin is the manager of Sweiss Ventures, LLC, and.

Set forth below is a summary of the business backgrounds of each of Messrs. Abramowitz, Beilinson, Conway, Ehrlich and Levin.

Paul Abramowitz. From 2008 to the present, Mr. Abramowitz has been the president and Chief Executive Officer of Liquidity Capital Group, LLC, as private company engaged in making direct investments in assets of and claims against companies subject to Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 proceedings under the Federal Bankruptcy Law. From 2006 to 2008, he served as President and CEO of Neah Power Systems, Inc., a micro fuel development company engaged in development of porous silicon to create higher fuel cell power. Under his leadership, Neah Power was revived after a shutdown, raised over $15 million in financing, restructured its board of directors and management and negotiated a strategic partnership with General Dynamics. From 2003 to 2004, Mr. Abramowitz was recruited by Paul Allen and Vulcan, Inc. to turn around Experience Learning Communities, a non-profit educational company. Since 1991, Mr. Abramowitz has been the CEO of Special Investments, Inc., a consulting company that specializes in debt reorganization and financings for major corporate clients. Mr. Abramowitz has a BS from Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Marc Beilinson. For the past five years, Mr. Beilinson has been the Managing Partner of Beilinson Advisory Group, a financial restructuring and hospitality advisory group that specializes in assisting distress companies. Throughout his career, Mr. Beilinson has been active in the restructuring of complex commercial and real estate portfolios throughout the United States and has also specialized in restructuring real estate chains. Mr. Beilinson is currently the Chief Restructuring Officer/CEO of Eagle Hospitality. He previously served as the Chief Restructuring Officer/CEO of Innkeepers USA until January 2012. Mr. Beilinson has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors of MF Global Assurance Company by the Chapter 11 trustee of MF Global Assurance and has previously served on the Board of Directors of Wyndham Hotels, Apollo Real Estate Commercial Mortgage Inc., Innkeepers USA, Jameson Hotels and the University of California School of Law.

Between 1992 and 2007, Mr. Beilinson practiced law with the firm of Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl & Jones, a nationally recognized law firm specializing in corporate restructuring. During his 25 years of practice, Mr. Beilinson spearheaded the operational and financial restructuring of nationally recognized companies such as American Rice, TreeSweet Juice Company, Coco’s Restaurants, General Cinema, Loews Cineplex, Wherehouse Entertainment and DirecTV Latin America. Mr. Beilinson graduated from UCLA, magna cum laude, and from UC Davis Law School.

Colin Conway. Since October 2016, Mr. Conway has been a managing director of Oreva Capital Corp., a Los Angeles based merchant bank focused on making direct investments in diversified, private operating companies. Mr. Conway participated in the acquisition of Trans High Corporation in March 2017. For four years prior to Oreva Capital Mr. Conway served as a managing director at Vert Capital Corp., where he led the business development team and participated in the acquisition and restructuring of private operating companies in various industries including digital media, Internet, software, and apparel. Adam E. Levin, our Chief Executive Officer, is the chief executive officer of Oreva Capital and was the chief executive officer of Vert Capital Corporation. From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Conway was previously an associate director at Weston Capital Management, LLC, a Connecticut based Hedge Fund and Fund of Funds.

Justin Ehrlich. Justin Ehrlich is a partner in VE Equities LLC, a full-service real estate company with capabilities in investment, finance, asset management and construction. Justin is responsible for managing the firm’s real estate investment and finance activities and handling the company’s overall operations and asset management. He has completed over $10 billion of luxury mixed-use and condominium projects in Manhattan and is also currently developing several mixed-use projects in California. In addition, Justin is a partner in Churchill Real Estate Holdings LLC, an alternative investment platform offering short term debt products to institutional and private clients. Mr. Ehrlich holds a BA in Business Administration from Boston University’s School of Management and earned a MS in Real Estate Finance and Investment from New York University. He served as the Secretary of the125th StreetBusiness Improvement District from 2008 to 2009. He has received numerous awards and honors from multiple industry organizations including the 2011 Developer of The Year Award from Young Jewish Professionals and was the Guest of Honor at the YJP 2014 Founders Gala at Cipriani Downtown. Mr. Ehrlich is currently on the Board of Directors for A Caring Hand and BDS Analytics.

Adam Levin, Adam Levin is the founder of Hightimes Holdings Corp. and has served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, since its inception in December 2016. Mr.Levin currently serves on the board of directors of Pride Media, Inc., and previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pixelmags until its sale in 2016. He brings over 15years of leadership experience running Internet-based technology and e-commerce companies. Mr. Levin has been Managing Director of Oreva Capital Corp, since September 2016 and for five years prior to that was the Managing Director of Vert Capital Corp where he oversaw the day to day operations of the firm, and led the acquisition of a number of companies. He has extensive experience in the fields of mobile, social networking, entertainment as well as venture capital and merger and acquisition strategies. Mr. Levin has been a featured speaker at CES, MIPTV, MONY Conference, CTIA, Wireless Influencers, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Fortune, Bloomberg and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has appeared on CNN, NPR, MSNBC, HBO and Fox News. Mr.Levin also served as Chief Executive Officer and a director of,Inc., a social networking and content website, from 2010 to 2012., Inc., filed for protection under Chapter11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in May 2013. Mr. Levin was an officer of Bebo within the two-year period prior to the filing of the Chapter 11 petition but had resigned as an officer and director prior to such filing. Mr. Levin earned a BA from Thomas Edison State College.

Item 9.01. Financial Statements and Exhibits.


Exhibit No. Description
3.1 Agreement, dated as of January 3, 2018, among Barington/Hilco Acquisition Corp., Barington Companies Advisors, LLC, Hilco Global, Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC and certain additional parties, including members of the board of directors of the Company, and Sweiss Ventures, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company, DMZ1 Holdings, LLC, a New York limited liability company, BAG Spac 1, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, PLA99, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and Oreva Partners, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

EX-3.1 2 s108688_ex3-1.htm EXHIBIT 3.1 Exhibit 3.1   AGREEMENT   THIS AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is dated as of January 3,…
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