AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Excludes DIRECTV Customers From Data Cap

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has announced that customers subscribed to DIRECTV mobile streaming offer can now stream without worrying about data caps.

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The announcement from AT&T revealed that DIRECTV subscribers can now stream TV on their mobile devices without worrying about depleting their monthly data bundle. In order for customers to be part of the exclusion, they have to download the latest update for DIRECTV’s app or the U-Verse apps. The newly announced offerings are part of the integrations that AT&T has been incorporating into the company’s offering since it acquired the TV company in 2015.

“Our customers want to take their TVs with them, and our new DIRECTV app allows just that,” stated David Christopher, an executive at AT&T.

Christopher added that the new offering will allow users to get access to the content they want and at any time they want. Mobile devices also allow subscribers to access their content on the go. Prior to the announcement, users would be restricted because streaming too much content would quickly burn through their monthly data allotment. With those worries out of the way, users can enjoy what the two companies have to offer without having to worry about data overutilization.

AT&T announced that taking advantage of the offer will be automatic and easy once the users are registered. The move highlights the growing trend by mobile service providers to offer free streaming to various websites and content streaming services via their mobile networks. AT&T rival T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) also has a similar service called Binge On which allows its subscribers to stream content from more than 100 streaming services without worrying about data caps.

“With these schemes, AT&T seems intent on favoring its own video content under the DIRECTV brand,”stated Matt Wood, Policy director at DIRECTV.

Wood believes that this move will have a negative impact on diverse content creators as well as internet users who already pay high priced subscriptions to gain access to wireless services.

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