AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Completes LTE-M Deployment In US, Turns To Mexico

Photo: AT&T Logo | Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has clocked yet another milestone on its 5G network push, having completed LTE-M network deployment across the United States. Completion of software upgrades means the carrier’s 4G LTE network is now live everywhere with focus shifting to Mexico.

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Mexico LTE-M Deployment

The nation’s second largest carrier plans to deploy LTE-M across Mexico as part of a new push that seeks to expand coverage to 400 million people. The ongoing deployment according to the head of IoT solutions, Chris Penrose, is a further testament to the carrier’s commitment to setting the pace of new technologies.

“Our nationwide LTE-M deployment is another example of AT&T’s continued investment and leadership in IoT. We can now reach new places and connect new things at a price that’s more affordable than ever before. Our LTE-M starter kit will also spur developers to open the doors to IoT innovation,” said Mr. Penrose.

LTE-M, unlike traditional IoT connectivity options, is set offer better coverage for devices in remote areas as well as underground and deep inside buildings. The technology is also designed to guarantee longer battery life as well as reduced module size.

Internet of Things Push

The fact that his technology supports large-scale IoT Deployment should also help in building a broad-based ecosystem. AT&T is currently testing LTE-Mk and chipset technology as it looks to use it in smart water meters, shipping container monitoring as well as in Home security and automation.

In addition to network deployment, plans are already underway for the launch of monthly plans as the carrier turns the heat on other carriers that have been stealing customers from it.

Monthly plans will start for as little as $1.50 per month with the company also offering exciting discounts on yearly and multi-year plans. AT&T has also trimmed by half the cost of its LTE-M modules that will now go for $7.50 inclusive of a SIM card. A new firmware update is on the way that will allow owners of IoT starter kits to upgrade to LTE-M.

AT&T stock was up by 1.28% in Thursday trading session ending the day at highs of $37.95 a share.

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